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1 Site Rules. on Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:39 pm

Site Rules:

1. Do not impede on others freedom. If you have a problem with a member or staff member bring it up the Webmaster. He will deal with it.

2. Do not and i repeat DO NOT act Racist or Sexist or Biest to any Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation. It's not right! This would be a automatic ban! It doesnít matter if you didn't read the rules, because you should have!

3. Do not Be a Thread Necromancer. Meaning if a Topic is older then Two week's it is Dead Leave it that way.

4. If someone is doing something you dislike, Please PLEASE Ask them to STOP in plain language, donít call them a prick, donít agg them on just tell them to stop. If they donít stop take it up with a mod. If they keep on after that take it up with webmaster.

5. Make you follow the listed rules.

6. No Text Talk. Text talk as no place on a Forum. Except Chat Box, there it is ok.

7. The Sites Rating is G-A. So keep in the right topics please. If not it will be moved with warning, and depending now how badly it is located you may get a warning.

8. Absolutely No one is allowed to brake the rules, if I do or any staff does, call them out on it, before to be able to prove it.

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2 Re: Site Rules. on Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:50 am

9. Rape jokes are outlawed, punishable by an instant ban.

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