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1 Monsoval Rising on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:01 am

In the land of Calhoon there were fierce beasties and monsters. They've always preyed on the weak and unprepared. However, a group of monsters started to question their existence. Why do they always prey? What is the point of seeking out and devouring those less fortunate than themselves? In their quest for enlightenment, they have become more civilized and stand in the gap for those who would hunt and those who are hunted. Over time the gap between Hunted, Hunter, and interceding monsters have widened considerably. Both the Hunter and Hunted have become more civilized; their weapons and tactics have become more deadly and fierce. The hunted have long since begun defending themselves, as the hunters grow stronger. The interceding monsters role is all but null and void, they are now the hunted, the hated...

We are on a mission to discover what keeps the Monsters from taking over, and the Humanoids from defeating them.

-Hunters: Monsters (choose a monster, any monster; the fiercer/uglier/hairier/ the better)
Hunters are a more primitive hunter type and prey on both IM's and Humanoids.
Live in the Monsoval, (the area of forest many make their home) and caves or huts.

Protect themselves mostly and attack when necessary, with higher tech weapons. Have an elected military government.
Live in Bickton; the major city.

-Interceding Monsters: not as scary of a monster (can be more humanoidesque)
A go between of both Hunter and Hunted. Thwart attempts from Hunters towards Humanoids. they are the tactical go between. They thwart attempts to wipe out either side with advanced technology and are disdained/unaccepted by both sides. they "keep the peace"
Live in camps around Brickton, one such is Tollyworth.

Calhoon is a mild weather foresty area. This “time” has no relation to our own history and is entirely fictional. There are 4 “continents” on this “planet”. Calhoon (foresty), Trevail (Snowy) , Homimarth (Flat and meadowy), and Applistice (Deserty). Your character(s) may come from any of these places, but “game play” will take place in Calhoon.

RULES: No Sex, unless it's simply alluded to. If you must get your chinkys off, do it in PM's. No Godmodding, Everyone must have weaknesses.

Race: Hunter Monster, Hunted Humanoid, Interceding Monster
Origin: Calhoon, Trevail, Homimarth, Applistice
Residence: (where does your character live)
Age range:
Special Abilities: (No Kinesis, you can have skills; IE: flight, ninja badassness, stealth, poison breath)
Weakness: (IE; Mushrooms, Kryptonite, you melt in water...)

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2 Re: Monsoval Rising on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:27 am

Race:Interceding Monster
Name: Haidar
Origin: Trevail
Residence: Tollyworth

Age range:Old enough
Special Abilities: Super fast, super strong. Is of the feline persuasion, so is catlike in many respects. Potion master.
Weakness: Mushrooms cause him to go blind for a short time.
Biography: Haidar has been a revered leader in the Trevail outcropping for many years. He earned his position, title, and rank for planning and assisting in the defeat of a major monster swarming, and maintaining no unnecessary casualties.

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3 Re: Monsoval Rising on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:37 am

Race: Hunter Monster
Name: Terach
Origin: The mountains of Trevail
Residence: A cave just outside of Monsoval

Age range: Very Old
Special Abilities: Super Tank! Terach has immensely thick skin and can use the hair on her head like limbs to do her bidding.
Weakness: Is weakened by the sun
Biography: Terach followed Haidar down from Trevail. He was the only one in a small camp she destroyed on a rampage, whom survived. She wants nothing more than to see him suffer. She is a fierce warrior and is called upon for battle. Otherwise she mostly keeps to herself.
Other: Very few know she is a female.

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4 Re: Monsoval Rising on Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:08 am

Race: Hunter Monster
Name: Zuela Valen
Origin: Great Calhoon Forest
Residence: Same Great Forest where he was born.
Age range: Young enough to still get excited easily, old enough to have experience to temper said excitement.
Special Abilities: Swift, great sense of smell, night vision, can exude a toxin that causes hallucinations and eventually paralysis
Weakness: Strong lights and loud noises cause major disorientation.
Biography: Born into a very peculiar clan where only one of his kind can exist at once, Zuela has been very cautious and curious as to where his progenitor has been hiding. Knowing for some time now that eventually he'd have to fight for his life, the young demon has been patiently waiting and amassing his strength within the Great Calhoon Forest.
Other: His habits are markedly similar to a spider, in regards to capturing his prey.

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