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1 Court of Night OOC on Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:37 am

~My name is James, and I go to Reith high school in New York City. I’m a seventeen year old male, and no one in school knows who I am. I am also a Baron Lord in the Court of Night. You DO know what the Court of Night is right? The underground masquerade game that started out a dice and maps rp game that quickly evolved into the biggest second life physical game in the world. The game has its own government system, enforcement system, laws, and hierarchy. Everyone, no matter their age starts out the same. A Human with an invite to the join the Court, everyone has to be invited or you can’t play. When I say this game is played by everyone, my school did a survey at the beginning of year. Sixty percent of the ENTIRE student body admitted to not just playing Court of Night, but living it every second of the day. Another Twenty percent said they got a test invite but not a full fledge invite and wanted one. Ten percent chose not to answer. Five percent said they didn’t for religion reasons, and the last five percent said they play part time. In the Court there are a few major rules, 1) Never cross reality with the Court. Meaning if you break a law and are punished for it in the Court, you don’t go the cops. And even if you do, you cannot press charges, because you signed a legal document of nonaggression and waving you rights to press charges against another member, that it must be handled in house. 2) Always take issues up with your head of your house; they have full legal authority to handle things. 3) Enjoy it.

Since the Court came to be, violent crime has become nonexistent, and even if it happens the Court handles it. Prisons are at an all-time low, streets are safer, and things that used to scare people are fading from memory. The economy is on the rise, and hostilities between nations have reached an all-time low. All because of a game invented for teenagers that as over then the world. The ultimate punishment for breaking the laws set by your Prince or Baron or Lord, or the Game Laws is being blacklisted. To be Blacklisted means no one associated with game will accept you as living person. Your name and character will be exposed and every Club, Bar, Party, Gathering, Group, Bloodline, Family, Pack, Royal Court, anything with the Court will reject you. In the history of the game, less than one hundred people have been blacklisted.

The Court is divided up by “Houses” each house is a Race. You can be anything, even founding your House. There are millions, the largest houses have a few hundred thousand people in them, but every City is divided out into regions, every region has a Baron Lord/Baroness Lady, who is the ultimate power within that section, every City is controlled by a Prince/Princess, and every State by a King/Queen. Some states like Texas, California, and Alaska have more than one King/Queen. New York has three, and New York City hosts two of them, as well as four Princes/Princesses. Everyone is their own being, however you must make sure your race can survive where you live, and that your House doesn’t have a blood feud. Kings/Queens pick Princes/Princess, and Princes/Princesses pick Baron Lords/Baroness Lady’s. From there, the structure is able to manipulation. Take Texas for example there, animalistic races are popular. I heard after the Barons they have Pack alphas, betas, enforces, members, and dirge. Every hierarchy has a role like the dirge. They are normally “humans” that join to become sex slaves. Advances in medical due to funding increase due to lack of military spend have cure most diseases. STDs, Cancers, viral infections, all things of past, Dirge is the only role you have to take willingly, because you have to sign a consent form saying that no matter what, you cannot cry rape. This has led to some issues, because a boy was beaten half to death by a man once for saying ‘no’ the man was found in the same condition only much worse. He didn’t survive. No charges were filed, and no one cared. The boy, is now a Baron Lord. With that being said, I extend to you, an invitation to join the Court of Night, become a member of my barony see what life is like, when you live at night. ~

This rp, will work on 12 hour sets, starting at 5am, ending at 5pm, then 5pm to 5am. 12 hours in the rp is 48 irl, you need to post as often as possible or have a valid excuse. School life is as much a part of this as the Court life, because the Court doesn’t start until 6pm and goes until 6 am. School starts at 7am, and lets outs at two thirty. In this world, everything expect places of the Court shut down at six or so, and no one works at a Court place unless they have a background to run it. The Court, is a worldwide organization, its technically woks as its own international country, the UN and every country in the world has accepted it as such, therefore, no one has jurisdiction over it anymore expect the High Kings/Queens, and the ones that govern countries, they handle things too big for the state leaders. This is not a playable role in the rp.

The template is for you have fun with; remember there wouldn’t be a set template for the game. However here, you much create one for both sides of your character. And keep in mind your “Character” will actually have to do things. I.e. a Vampire will have to feed. However, if you create a vampire that feeds on sexual energy, then you get off –in more ways than one- but a Lycan will have to eat raw meets during hunts, same with most animalistic characters, remember you can’t get illnesses anymore so everything is safe, drugs included.

The Rp will mostly take place in New York, and at Reith High school, the Court parts anywhere that is a Court place. I.e. Clubs Bars, etc. etc. etc Many, Many, many, people make more money for the court than there actual jobs. Because Barons take taxes from everyone in there baronies, Princes tax barons, Kings Tax princes. It’s not uncommon to see millionaire children. And almost everyone works in the Court, dirges get paid for their job –yes they are basically whores, but insanely respected ones- , and one that does an official job assigned by there baron gets paid a week salary. Everyone else does hunts, bounties, etc etc etc. This is an entire world beneath the normal one. One that fix the problems and effectively destroyed world poverty and war, eliminated middle and low class, and proved teens and children can lead as well as adults. Welcome to the Court of Night, ready to play?

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2 Re: Court of Night OOC on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:54 pm

Name: Ali Norin
Alias: Ivy
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Title (if applicable): Princess of The Shoppe
Affiliation: House of the Seraphim; Azzraille Bloodline
In game:
In school:
Brief Bio: Blah blah blah blah tigolbitties blah blah blah she's awesome.

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3 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:42 am

The Grand Court:
-General Masses-

-Special jobs assigned by Barons-




-High Kings-


The General Masses: Just as it says, the general masses as just the name say these are the workers, those that earn their living through shops, clubs, this is where everyone starts out.

Special Jobs: These are roles create by the Baron’s there are typically at least three sets. Peacekeepers, Executors, and Hunters, every Baron has their own name for them and the roles changes from person to person, but that is the slandered idea. They are paid out the Barony funds.

Barons: These are the single most powerful force, because with in there domain, there barony they have total control. They answer to the Princes and Princesses, but at the same time are about the same level only Princes rule three or more Barons.

Princes: Prince are basically Barons that oversee the Barons, they aren’t exactly more powerful just have influence in the grand court. Prince also have the ability to take those they see with “Potential” and make them into specials grant them a title equal to that of a Baron without a barony or people to command. They typically have special roles. Prince and Barons can at any time call a Court, which is a gala event where all people with in there domain come to dance, and drink and have good time while in back rooms pact, alliangances, and friendships are made. Prince also have the ability to declare war on other princes inside there domain for land expansion or resource gain, such as airports or harbors, just as Barons can challenges princes for there title. Prince CAN double as Barons, and Kings CAN triple as Prince and Barons.

Kings: These are the ones that Rule entire cities, they over everything within, they handle the things Princes cannot, and just like Princes they can create specials to do jobs for them. Kings can call a Court at any moment for their princes and barons, as well as mass Court for all members of the game. Only Kings can call war with other kings, I.e States against states.

High Kings: N/A for now.

Monarch:N/A For Now.

Driges: They exist outside of the system because they are as respected as Kings, richer than High Kings, and have more fun than Barons. They are very well like and respected. Killing one is a grave offense, and in most places harming one against there will is as well.

The City:

Purple: The Shoppe.

Red: The Scene

Orange: The Life

Yellow: The Mixture

~These are open to the Princes/Princesses to establish beyond that.~

The Highschool all the characters will attend/work, is on the line between yellow and orange and Red. Its neutral.

A few side notes: Your CoN identity is a secret, you can tell others but the high rank you are, the most you hide it because you want to keep that rank not have it blackmailed or taken away. This is a masquerade remember? Every section has port, but only Oragne has the Airports. Those are revenue resources, so the Orange Prince will be extremely rich.

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4 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:13 am

Year is 2062, the 50th year anniversary of the Game going global.

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5 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:26 am

Name: Chevron Pearce
Alias: Gaine
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexuality: Bisexual
Title: Baroness Lady
Affiliation: House of Dryw (Druids)
Region: Under Prince Eric, third sector of The Scene
In-game appearance:
Real life appearance:
Personality: During the daylight hours, Chevron is shy, awkward, and easily embarrassed. She tends to avoid large groups and likes to carry around stuffed animals. At night, Gaine is a powerful female presence who is very in tune with nature and its creatures. She is intelligent and soft spoken.
Bio: Five years previously, a mysterious boy passed her by in a school hallway and left a piece of paper in her hand. That piece of paper was an invitation to a game that would change her life completely. The Court of Night, a masquerade that let her be someone else. Someone better, stronger. Something she always wished for. She soon developed her other side, Gaine and worked her way up in the ranks to create the House of Dryw and become a Baroness Lady in the Scene by the time she finished high school. Now she was working a job at a bar during the day and running said bar as well as her House at night.

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6 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:34 am

In ‘Real’ Life:

Name: James Even Vantrain
Sexuality: Mostly Homosexual.
Bio: James has grown up in a happy, healthy home both his parents were second gen players, and both still actively play. However neither of them are aware James is a Baron Lord, much less a Prince.

In the Court:
Name: Eric Valen Krist.Also known as The Hidden Prince.
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Mostly Homosexual.
His Mask
House: The House of Magus ex Imperium. The Imperial Mage. (Bloodline): Magus Superior.
Title: Prince of the Scene. Baron Lord of the Second section of the Scene.
Bio: In the Court of Night James rose to power quickly, taking over The Scene and its Clubs and Bars, quickly being named Baron, then Price by the King of New York City, once named he grew quickly in wealth and power. Keep using his money to play the daylight stock market become richer than even The Life Price quickly.

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7 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:55 am

Name: Alan Kersley
Alias: X
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual
Title: None as of yet
Affiliation: None as of yet
Region: Under Prince Eric, Baroness Lady Gaine, third sector of The Scene
In-game appearance:
Real life appearance:
Personality: Withdrawn and lonely as his day self, Alan. At night, X is somewhat volatile and tends to lost control of his emotions.
Bio: Alan never really fit in at Reith High School, usually getting pushed around, ignored, and forgotten. He felt so alone that he even considered taking his own life. So he was quite surprised when a kid he didn't know just slipped him a piece of paper and nodded before walking off. Apparently it was some game that was celebrating its 50th anniversary and was looking for new members to play. He wasn't sure he wanted to be around a bunch of LARPers, but it had to be better than this life. So he became his night self, simply known as X, as he sought to find himself a new life. A new self.

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8 Re: Court of Night OOC on Sat Jun 30, 2012 6:24 am


Name: Averdeen Louis

Alias: Snow

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Title (if applicable): Princess of the Yellow Region(The Mixture)

Affiliation: House of Forrest, Bloodline of Ambrosia

History: Not much is known about Averdeen, just that her mother died while giving birth to her and her father was never in the picture. She bounced around the adoption homes a lot and eventually she was adopted when she was 5 years old. The family who adopted her is unknown.

In Court:

Out of Court:


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9 Re: Court of Night OOC on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:03 am

Name:Raion Moreno
Age: 20
Title: Prince
Region: The Life(orange)
Brief History: He's the prince of the orange section, nothing more needs to be said.
Outside of Game
In Game Appearance

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